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We are holding a nationwide exchange event by JAWS-UG!

JAWS-UG (AWS User Group – Japan) is a user group of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which has more than 50 local branch of Japan.
At each branch of JAWS-UG, technical exchange and personnel exchanges related to AWS are carried out like weekly, contributing to the improvement of technology and business expansion of AWS users.

JAWS DAYS is JAWS-UG’s largest event held by JAWS-UG and sponsored by AWSJ, this is the fifth time this year. This event is organized by JAWS-UG member volunteers planned and prepared, and a wide range of theme sessions related to AWS such as business / lifestyle from the latest technology will be held.

This event can be participated by engineers / executives from AWS beginners to advanced users, personnel / marketing / enterprises from start-up / small business, etc. regardless of job type, business type / company size.


Date : March 11, 2017 (Sat) 10:00-
Location: TOC Gotanda Messe
Address: 6-6-19 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Organized: JAWS-UG (AWS Users Group – Japan)
Sponsorship: Amazon Web Services Japan.
SNS: Twitter: @jawsdays, Facebook: jawsdays
Hashtag: #jawsdays #jawsug

This year’s theme is “Link Up!”

Cloud is now essential to our living and business as a center of IT technology.

We want JAWS DAYS 2017 to not only learn the skills and knowledge of the cloud but also to be an event where AWS and JAWS-UG become hubs and meet new worlds such as friends, business, career, lifestyle, community .

We hope many people will know about the daily activities of each branch of JAWS-UG at this event, and I hope many people will be able to join JAWS-UG in the future as well.

We are looking forward to spending the day we can meet the new world with you all.