[Column #1] The tale of the theme of JAWS DAYS

Hi, I’m Tachibana, chairperson of JAWS DAYS 2017 Committee.

Luckly, I have a chance to write the column for introducing our event until 11 March. Update every Wednesday, don’t miss it.

We JAWS-UG an AWS user group in Japan, now have over 50 branches and open over 200 events in Japan. JAWS DAYS is the largest AWS Users group event in Tokyo, Japan since 2013. Every JAWS-UG members are working at their local, but they concentrate to Tokyo from all of Japan for making this event a success.

Some visitors who came from overseas usually pointed our single day event’s name: JAWS DAYS. When we had held the first event in 2013, it was two-days-event, so we have named our event as JAWS DAYS 😉

Here are theme of the past events:

  • 2013: 2013 Spring, Tokyo Bigsight
  • 2014: Cloud compeer makes Cloud-wave
  • 2015: Dive Deep into the Cloud!
  • 2016: Move Up the Next Cloud

Every growing JAWS DAYS’ theme shows you how spreading Cloud and AWS around the world.

The coming event – the fifth we will hold – named LinkUp — The day of the nexus through JAWS-UG —
Of course, an event is for learning technology, skills, know-hows and knowledge, but these are the tiny part of the event. The theme of JAWS DAYS signifies the hub for new your compeer, business, career, lifestyle or community.
We drew the Earth for connecting people and a brand-new world as our primary visual.

We want lots of people to join our event and be known each other. So we invite some members from non-JAWS communities and AWS user group in overseas. Of course, they will take the rostrum!
We have the following sessions and programs:

  • Sessions for social contributions with the Cloud and IT communities
  • Verius themes and sessions for non-engineers, AWS novice to AWS Expert.

Over the 50 volunteers are working for your “New LinkUp” and make this event a success.
We’re updating our blog and website to introduce sessions and programs, stay tuned.

All of JAWS DAYS’ staff and I hope to meet you at the event!