[Column #4] Analyse the data of JAWS DAYS

Howdy! Tachibana chairperson JAWS DAYS 2017 is here!
It’s Wednesday, JAWS DAYS weekly column day! When I have met people, many of them said “Hey! I read your weekly column; it’s such an excellent column!”. I’m so happy when I hear your feedback or feelings for my weekly column.

Today 15 February, more than 1100 participant have submitted to JAWS DAYS 2017! It’s the shortest record ever! I can’t believe it.

OK, I visualise what types of participant and people have submitted JAWS DAYS, based on the surveys. Analysing tools I use? Of course, I use QuickSight!

How to use QickSight

Choose QuickSight on your AWS console. Then upload the data to analyse to QuickSight. Click [Managed data] button on right of top of the page.

You can list all of data you’ve added before. Now add new one. Click [New data set] on left of top the page.

You can choose any data source as you like. I uploaded CSV file.
Note: It’s not contain any participant’s personal data.

Select file then upload, you’ll get a preview of analysis. Click [Next] to go further steps.
Note: I think QuickSight could not handle CJK in the header field in the preview, so I replaced header field in English.


OK, importing has done. Create graphics by clicking [Visualize].

Fine. And,,, you can modify as your or your boss like.


That’s all for QuickSight introduction!

And now let’s check the results from a survey.

How many times have you entries for JAW DAYS?

Um. A half of participant are first-time attendees, welcome to JAWS DAYS! 3% of participants have joined five times; it’s all of JAWS DAYS!
The past JAWS DAYS had about 50% of the first-time participant. We love first-time attendees.

Have you ever joined any events of JAWS-UG?

60% of participants have joined the events of JAWS-UG! I think JAWS DAYS will be a first time for entering JAWS event for many attendees!

Have you used AWS?

As a result, a half of participants have used AWS more than one year. 10% or less of participants have never used it.

AWS usage history for each JAWSDAYS participation

Let’s analyse how long do attendees have use AWS for each JAWS DAYS participation.

20% of the first-time attendees have never used AWS. Second-times, third-times attendees, have much more extended AWS usage. I hope JAWS DAYS will be their catalyst for start to use AWS.

Rate for attending after party

LT is one of the important parts of after party. 75% of a participant will join it. Um. Huston, we have a problem. Order tonnes of beer for after party, now!


Becoming regular participants have a good rate for joining after party. You’ll be sorry if you’ll not join our afterparty. Let’s drink, talk and make friends!



  • I took less than thirty minuets to visualise my data
  • Anyone know how to invert X and Y axis?
  • You’re first-time attender? We welcome any first-time attenders, like you!
  • You SHOULD betterer to attend our afterparty, or you’ll be sorry.