[General] [AWS UG Singapore] Chat bots with Amazon Lex

経験者向け Dトラック #jd2017_d 13:00〜13:50

Engage your users with a natural language conversational interface using voice and text.
You will learn how to:
– Create a chat bot to understand your users’ intentions and fulfil their requests.
– Engage in a conversation to extract key pieces of data from the user
– Fulfil the users’ intentions with AWS Lambda functions
– Integrate with Facebook messenger & Slack


Alex Smith

所属: Amazon Web Services

Alex leads Media and Entertainment Architecture for Amazon Web Services, APAC. He comes from a background of delivering large scale video delivery platforms for telecommunications and media clients across the world, acting as Lead Architect on a number of high profile projects at companies such as Channel 4 (UK), Foxtel (AU), and Celcom (MY).

Jo-Anne Tan

所属: Gowild Singapore

Used to work in data analytics; currently a software developer building voice-controlled robots. Interested in voice UI and shiny new technology.


Expected attendees: 400 level talk: technical audience (dev/sys)