[Column #5] Sessions Tachibana recommends

Howdy! Tachibana is here.
It’s Wednesday, JAWS DAYS weekly column day! Weekly Column #5.
20 days to go JAWS DAYS 2017! Did you get a ticket?
We have updated the latest timetable.

We have lots of hands-on, sessions and workshops; talk sessions for a various subject; Alexa and IoT sessions; workshop for beginners/novices; public meetings — these are our first shots — ; community friendship sessions.
Some sessions fascinate me. Let me introduce them.

DeepDive session from JAWS-UG Specialist

It’s a one of popular session in the past JAWS DAYS. In this session, our JAWS-UG Specialist will dig AWS services deep and show you the functions or features (these are maybe not famous or hidden any AWS documents). Their subject will be security, DevOps, container technics and of course machine learnings. If you’re engineer, you should not miss it.


JAWS-UG New Heroes

The JAWS-UG Scholarship is picking up and invite new comers to JAWS-UG who is heroes in local. We invite them to have their sessions! They’ll talk about AWS usage in locals, local communities or more interesting things.

Session coming from overseas

The member of AWS user group from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore will have sessions!
Mr Channy, the evangelist of AWS Korea, presents Multi region architecture between Tokyo to Seoul.
Mr Cliff organiser of Taiwan UG and AWS community hero presents Open Source Projects run on AWS.
Mr Alex and Mr Jo who had session at large hall in re:invent presents Chatbot with Amazon Lex

Above three sessions are presented in English, but we provide Japanese simultaneous translation for these sessions.
It’s good idea to chat them if you have any questions.

Sessions about Seismic hazard

We have JAWS DAYS on 11 March. On 2011, six years before that day, Great East Japan earthquake occurred. It had caused many server failures. The Tiger Team who has rescued many downed websites and placed them on AWS. On this session, we invite members of the Tiger Team and interview about their operations.
Many clouds and communities support Kumamoto earthquake disaster which occurred last year in Kyushu area in Japan. We also invite the member to this session.
Let’s think about what we can do for the disaster.

Do you like my recommendations? We have so many great sessions and hands-on! Never miss them!